December 30, 2010 § 11 Comments

I am nothing
But a tiny sailboat
Teetring on the currents of His river
Drifting back and forth
Capsizing when it gets rough
Always knowing
That I serve no purpose on land
Would have no fun on a lake
And be destroyed in the ocean



November 28, 2010 § 4 Comments

The rain never smelled so sweet until the drought of your touch ended

The cold of autumn…

October 29, 2010 § 12 Comments

Like the morning flower
That opens to the summer sun
My beauty was with him

Now the seasons have changed
And my pedals close
To the autumn of his cold heart

A different you…

September 18, 2010 § 13 Comments

I forgot I didn’t know you
That I knew you
But I no longer know you

I forgot how old you are
And how old I need to think
Regardless of how young I feel
In loving you

I forgot your coldness
How the darkness inside you
Can turn your brown eyes black

I forgot that it takes two
That you are a gentleman
in the coming of adversity
and selfishly coldhearted
when the storm settles in

But in forgetting us
and forgetting you
I remembered me
And all the pieces I knew to be you
Useless in function without you
I remembered originally belonged to me

It’s too bad that you forgot
What it took to be us
What it meant to be us
and I will no longer remind you


September 18, 2010 § 17 Comments

Loving like I’m Bulletproof
You’re still Shooting
I’m still Standing

I smelled you

August 30, 2010 § 14 Comments

Here you are
My heart has been looking for you
I smelled you
Even before you climbed into bed
Before you whispered goodnight
Replacing the smile on my lips
With a kiss to send me to sleep
I smelled you
and you were there with me
before you disappear with my next thought
hold me so and melt into my dreams

A Night Sky Filled with Wishes…Poets Rally Week 27

August 26, 2010 § 56 Comments

Poets Rally Week 27


As the sun kisses the horizon
I keep watch for the first evening star
As she comes forth
I wish for you
And on the next
I wish for us
So continues my heart calling forth each new star
Wishing for all the glories in the world
Each wish calls forth another
So when they come out in pairs
I just send out my wishes in pairs
Never missing not one
Wishing for you the whole night
And when the last star has come out
I watch my love for you extend
To the moon and back
And when my heart makes her last wish
I lay illuminated by my hope filled heart
Feeling you all around me
Awaiting for the heavens to heed my wishes
For the blessings to shimmer down to me

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