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July 15, 2010 § 6 Comments

“Fear me for I am the “devil”

Excuse me because I am who I am
An excuse
I am the excuse for impulses that are deemed evil.
I am the scapegoat for all wrongdoing…
I am a part of everyone and everything.
It’s actually funny, I am a big part of what makes a human, human!
Without me, one would be without sin,
and therefore there would be no need for a God or a Jesus.
Without me,
life would be meaningless to many.
People use religion and faith to suppress the “devil” inside of them

… I am here because of one thing…
I am here because I am a part of “you”…
a manifestation used to base ones own moral judgement.
Look for me…
because I am there,
look past the flesh,
beyond the pupil of the eye.
In your soul is where i am found,
in your thoughts.
I am there because you put me there
If I were not, “you” wouldn’t be who you are

There is a “devil” inside all of us ;-)”



July 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

Inspired by a secret passion I never knew he had, I am spotlighting Earlsama’s “Mists of Avalon”. 


Pass away?! I will never!
Be judged?!?! I shall not!
I have made myself the leader
I can not be lead to Christ, for him, I have forgot
Autumns dark take me.
I shall bring with me the light.
Kyrie Eleison… Eleison Hemas, pray for their souls.
I have not given up the fight!
Evil please leave your mark.
So I will know where to find you.
I shall be salvation for others.
So u cant hurt the ones u try to.

“Across the waves, through the mists of clarity…”
Avalon is upon us… us meaning them, but not me 

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