Growing Pains…

March 10, 2011 § 5 Comments

I want to live for a love
That only breaks my heart
So it can grow


Empty Heart

August 22, 2010 § 21 Comments

Upon receiving an empty jar
I was told to open it with caution
That your kisses could fly out
Two, Three, Four at a time
Hungrily searching to meet my lips
And despite temptation
This jar was strictly
For emergency use only
For when my heart wishes for something
That your absence can not provide
But every day that you’re not here
is an emergency
and my jar is running on empty
You’ve been gone for too long


July 10, 2010 § 5 Comments

She waited for him
Searching in the shadows of the night
She stretched her ear out
For her Nightingale
Each night her heart saddened
Her ears growing deaf without his song
And when she finally saw him again
He did not sing
He stayed only briefly
And flew into yesterday
It was then she was left confused
For she couldn’t decide
Was it his song or him
That she fell in love with

Late Night Lust…

July 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

*Please Note*
This is an Erotic Piece with Very Vivid Descriptions.
Continue with caution.

My own hand separates my thighs
Caressing my skin with one
The other pulls the sheets for a private show
He comes to mind
The way his lips find their way to my breast
So do my hands
With my eyes closed
It is he who travels
Sucking on my pleasure principles
Down past my navel
The lubricant top pops off and
His salivating tongue engulfs me
I remember how his tongue passed over every part of what he so
Desperately craved to be inside
The air grew hot from my deep breaths
I recall on how he touched me
How his fingers ran all over my body
How he told me he missed me
But wanted to show me he did.
I arched my back the way it had
When he entered me those many nights ago
My moans seep out and instead it is him I hear moaning
With my clit fully moistened and exposed
His thrust drives me deeper in this fantasy reality
I hear myself talking to the walls
Who bear witness to my hidden movements
To this late night lust session
I feel his warmth
I feel his thrusts
I feel Him
Penetrate my body through my mind
As my legs separate and head thrown back
I hear him whisper “Don’t hold back”
And so I let go
Allowing the ecstasy of the thought of him
Resonate my mind as well as my glistening thighs
I drift heavily into a deep sleep
Feeling his breath on the back of my neck
And his arms around me

Slowly Cracking…

July 5, 2010 § 10 Comments

You’ve been down this road before
Yes it hurts
My mind is overwhelmed with loss and pain,
Panic and confusion.
Slow down before my breath looses itself
To the events unfolding.
I can feel you cracking
I wonder, can he can hear you too?
Oh heart of mine this is no easy task
It wasn’t the first time
And shall not be the last.
That’s it slow yourself down
You can only control what you can understand
And his decisions
Are out of your control

I wander in his wonder…

June 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wonder how he sees me. Which part of my face does he focus on first. I wonder if he catches my staring and when our eyes lock does he read my thoughts. I can see him searching. I wonder what types if questions he is hesitant about asking. I wonder if I would want to answer. As he plays with my curls I look for his love. Tucked and hidden i know it’s somewhere. I wonder if he sees what I see – my thick eye brows, wide nose, large eyes, the dimple in my chin. Does he see my fear? Can he sense it? I wonder what’s his favorite piece of me to examine. I try to hide my thoughts but my eyes give everything away. I wander in his wonder wondering what his mind is wondering. I feel what he sees but I can’t see what he saw. A kiss from his lips would silence the subway platform of my mind. Yet here I lay with the silence only being broken by my beating heart. Love is a long way from here but I wonder if he knows all this. Broken heart or not, the beating pieces give away all my secrets.

Sidewalk Smiles…

June 24, 2010 § 6 Comments

His created smiles never get worn out

My teeth never tire of showing

My lips never miss one another once they part

My eyes glisten with a joy that my soul is too full to contain

I walk taller with his love supporting me

And seem to float down the street

With the ecstasy of his memory

My heart never lessens in size

With him in my life.

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