Euphoric Pleasure

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Everything about him can be summed up by two words: Euphoric  Pleasure. The combination of these words is a combination of the thinking from my heart and from my head. Two worlds that always clash and barely agree have compromised with Euphoric Pleasure. He cradles my heart and offers substance to my mind. He is the be all and end all of my hidden desires. My mind becomes silent and all that can be heard is the thumping of my heart against my chest. He needs only to walk close to me and my thoughts scatter. I feel alive when he does something as simple as grab my nose and share his smile with me. My body responds to his smell and I live for his touch. His lips have barely touched my body yet they are what my mind thinks about in the deepest of slumbers. As I stand with him, locked in his embrace, my heart searches for his heartbeat to match his rhythm. I want him in everything I do. I hold his arm for fear that I might never let go of his hand. How much euphoria can one person provide when he emits intimacy through his eyes? I am more than willing to discover its depths. He plays me like his favorite childhood song and he knows every note. He blows life into me and plays the tune of my happiness. There is a satisfaction after he leaves me and a growing anticipation until we are reunited. Nothing is ever rushed and I promise anyone who asks that time slows down and almost stands still when his time is fastened together with mine. I want to live in and around him. He causes me to climb cloud nine cloud ten until I reach the seventh plane of heaven. I dance in his joy whenever he is so gracious to shower me with his attention. I would love him if given the chance. I crave for his forehead kisses at night and his voice to summon my mind out of its restful state when the sun has kissed the sky. My heart spells out his name when I miss him. And how I miss him when he ceases to be by my side. This man, this totality of bliss and perfection I accept with all his faults and worries. This man is the very reason for my exhilaration. My Euphoric Pleasure.



Waves of Euphoria…

June 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

His lips gently crash into mine like waves kissing the earth under a cloudless night. With the beat of his heart I follow him. He controls me like the full moon controls the motions of the water. Unsure where the attraction is held but our lips seem inseparable once joined together. Waves of Euphoric Pleasure pass through my body only increasing the burning desire to feel his body pressed firmly against mine. His tongue parts my lips uniting with mine sending a tidal wave of emotions to come crashing into me. He’s got me in a strong current of pleasure and desire and I attempt to swim out of his grasp. He pulls me just below the surface and I no longer fight him. I’m drowning in his display of affection. Sinking further into the depths of a man who has captured my heart. With every wave my defense breaks down as his hands wander the floor of my ocean. He swims over my body with ease as if he has roamed my sandy beaches countless times before. It feels like a storm is brewing between us. Hands holding onto each other tightly dictated by the forcefulness of our kisses. Our bodies spin like waves searching for the shore as they come back from low tide. Lost at sea, I find myself being carried away further from the shores of certainty and deeper into his unknown supported only by the waves of Euphoria.


June 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

I spend every minute with you living in the present. The true present of encountering God’s beauty with my eyes. Crafted as the final creation of an angel whose job it is to mold perfection, I close my eyes and slow the pace of life so that it may not pass but be lived slowly. I memorize your scent, instill every feature of your face deep into the back shelves of my memory, and hold tightly to the wonder of your touch. I feel alive. I feel every sensation in my body at once. I come alive with you. Heaven is right here all around us. I twirl in the ecstasy. Spinning around in circles with the happiness of it all. Adrenaline fills my body and there it comes…that Euphoric Pleasure you shoot me up with. Too much is never enough when I’m with you and the daunting part of it all is that at any moment it all threatens to be taken from me. That fear is strong. It is settled in my legs aching to convince my heart to go in survival mode and flee to save it from the broken dreams of what my mind secretly hid should you ignite it. So why live like this? See-Sawing between the feelings of ecstasy and a calm fear? I do this because I would not cheat my heart the prospect to grow with the experiences you provide. Let me live in the glory of the high and do nothing more. In your arms nothing matters. I have loved, lost, and have been dragged through the scattered pieces of my heart and still have not lived like I have with you. I am blessed by the angel who created such faultlessness in a man who has captured my heart. My soul has been injected with life’s possibilities of love. I would rather fall upon the thousand daggers of reality than be too timid to jump and live in the flight of the gift you bestow to my eternal being. Free falling knowing all ends with a tragic crash and surviving solely on the smile that I lived in every moment, that I didn’t run when fear was suffocating me, and that my heart glitters in the light you aided my soul to find.

Lost In Love…

June 10, 2010 § 8 Comments

I am lost in love. Lost in the idea that I wanted him to love me. Lost in the thought he would never be mine to love. I am lost in the memories of his kisses and what I hope is the actual recollection of his embrace. I look towards when the sun settles and ask my heart to do the same. Settle from the anxiety that I may have lost him forever. Settle from the quick and constant pain that the end I saw was a self created to where there was no end needed. As the darkness comes in to take watch over my heart I close my eyes and there he is. Taunting me by staying out of reach. Teasing me by never leaving. I close my eyes so that I may become lost instead of feeling the fear of him not being by my side. Wandering, with only the will to escape the pain, I become lost in love all over again. No matter in what direction I go no matter how straight my path may be my feet always find a way to him. I never got a chance to love him but I miss having him to love… ❤ SoE

The Birth of my Euphoric Pleasure…

May 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

I don’t love you but what I do feel is unlike anything my heart has experienced. My heart grows and expands towards you. Like a flower to the sun my heart follows your rays of light. Your shine is silently brilliant and I bask in the warmth of your attention. Everyday you offer up your interest I grow that much more infatuated with the thoughts that swarm my busy fantasizing mind. Wound up in the complexity of an unsolved rubrics cube, my mind swizzles the colors of my mood. Blending and separating on a painter’s canvass my heart paints the pictures of emotions invoked by you. The perplexing man who I dare not to define and limit the greatness of the phenomenon he is. I only offer to name what he unknowingly bestows on my spirit…Euphoric Pleasure.


May 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

His words have me entranced – held within their power to make mean anything I don’t understand. I become his without demand or his asking.  My dreams are sequestered to his image – my lips chapped without his kisses giving life to them. Is it in his eyes or in my head that makes me fall for this Euphoric Pleasure? Unsure of what is to come I simply instruct myself to close my eyes and place one foot in front of the other. I follow his voice unconcerned of anything past right  now. His hands sing me a lullaby and in this dream-like state I come into my full potential… ❤ SoE

His Haunting Kiss

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His kiss is haunting. Day and night it follows me. Up late at night with bloodshot eyes it creeps its way underneath my door always uninvited and very silently slithers its way into my bed and plants itself on the back of my eyelids. Dragging me into a mind running restless night. If only his kiss wasn’t so sweet – the natural drug my mind wanders to should it ever take a rest. At night the planted kiss crawls into my dreams and further teases me of the luxuries I can no longer afford. In my dreams I am always chasing this kiss. Gentle in its delivery this danger driven drug alludes me at every corner. Exhausted from my nightly run I wake up wearing his kisses all over me. Suffocated by its grasp I struggle to function. Throughout my day I see his shadow lingering in the dark corners of silence. On the breath of the nightly breeze his kiss re enters my room to haunt me to follow me to always be there and never leave me… ❤ SoE

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