August 7, 2010 § 16 Comments

My Then is sometimes so distant
My Now never here for long
My From Here To Eternity just a mirage my heart paints
And so I run track
On my life’s timeline
Doing suicides from the 16 yr old me
To the 30 yr old me
Out of shape so I’m out of breath
Sweating my fears my worries
Drowning in my perspiration
Dehydrated from my losses
I should be resting in my now
That’s where you are
Scattered in my past
Sometimes I run by you
Phantom images in my future
Sometimes I’m running with you
Other times I run from you
In sprinting back and forth
I have lost my now with you
And I want it back
So I’ve decided to sit in my present
To find you again
To walk with you


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