Doctorate in over thinking…

July 21, 2010 § 47 Comments

I’m excited to be participating in Poets Rally week 25

I have a Doctorate in over thinking
Years of being an introvert paired with social anxiety
I greet every turning of the hour with a turning in my bed
My mind ticks with time always moving forward
Always repeating the same numbers always in a different order
Please don’t ask me to explain
If you are not equipped with time and a seat
My clarifications are just as complicated as a DNA strand
Is to a monkey who communicates through sign language
A distant cousin of OCD my restless mind reincarnates thoughts
Ending one and quickly giving life to another
I think in circles with no start or end points
As if I was born within it and follow its shape
For ignorance of anything else
But what comes out of my mouth are all the traces of that circle
Spitting out three thoughts at once
Regressing the thousands more waiting to be thought
It’s like someone is always catching me in the middle of a joke
And I’m a horrible comedian
I wish my Doctorate to be fake
Having instead 8-10 hours of sleep
With no dreams, no greeting each hour
No destroying relationships or possible ones
Because I’ve planned out all of his thoughts, actions, and responses
No longer being concerned with what others are thinking of me
Even when I live my life to my own flute’s tune
No thinking how I will stop this wretched thinking
Instead I wish for a Doctorate in Mediation.

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