Parked Car…

July 20, 2010 § 6 Comments

Let me not waste one day
Not one Minute
With impossibilities and short comings
Not with you
Not while you sit here
With me
Breathing the same air as you
In this tightly enclosed car
Let me not waste one thought
On anything that would hinder this moment
The power of two Moon crossed lovers
Let me not waste even one more moment
Let the feelings of infatuation,
A revisiting Teenage Love,
My most powerful loves of all loves
Because you were my first love
Fill my fingers so that when I touch you
You feel what is within every pore of my body
That this feeling stronger than any existing love
This celestial gift
Pours out of me and into you
Let me fill you with it
And this Moment
Be kept in my heart
For all the occasions when you cease to be by my side
When I no longer have your eyes to remind me
Of how it is you feel about me
Let this moment carry into eternity
Written somewhere in the universe
To be kept sacred
Long after our discontinuance
So that the energy of us now
Never goes to the unforgotten

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§ 6 Responses to Parked Car…

  • Curtis says:

    I really like the line “Moon Crossed Lovers”. That is a great anti-cliche that stands out. Keep using more of them in your poems!

    • Originally I had the star crossed lovers but soon changed it to moon for silly reasons. But you brought up a point I had yet to think about, the star crossed would have been really cliché. You’re the first person on WordPress to offer me criticism and I really appreciate it that. I’d love more of it if you have any to give.

  • David Jones says:

    I really enjoy your poems.

  • Why, utterly beautiful. I’ve often thought these same things… Sometimes I’ll just sit there and stare at him when he doesn’t notice so that all the times he’s not there I can still picture him, smell him, feel him, etc. Fantastic piece!

    Your writing is amazing. I’d love to add you to my blogroll so others will discover your lovely work as I have. I’d be honored if you added me to your blogroll, too :3

    — Gally

    • Ohh Gally I have secretly added just after reading your entry to this week’s the poet’s rally. :w00t: Thank you for thinking it to be a honor but I feel you are the more talented one. I am a true believer that eyes are the windows to a persons soul. When I look in his eyes the world makes sense, nothing lives past the right now, and my heart beats fully as if never wounded. I’m glad your husband makes you feel the same ❤

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