24 and beyond…

July 20, 2010 § 5 Comments

I could love you the same
If not more
Not only because loving you
Feels right
But because
You deserve it

I could promise you
More good than bad
And during the bad
I’ll talk first
Listen second
Argue thirdly
And when I forget the order
Please remind me

I could tell you my love for you will change
As we grow and change together
As a couple
But I can promise you
That it will never falter

I could disclose all the secrets of my enamored heart
But you have to tell me
You want me to love you first
Before the years of
Before our unconventional
Happily Ever After
Before we can discover
How powerful we are together
I need you to tell me
You need me to love you
Because I’ve loved you since I was 16
And I am ready to love you
Until the moon and back
From 24 and on

So my astronaut
I need to hear it from you
When you’re ready to say it
That you’re ready to have me love you

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