8 hours ahead…

July 15, 2010 § 5 Comments

From Far Away
I can feel him dreaming
As he tosses and turns
It’s me who he’s fiending

From Far Far Away
My ears start to perk
I can hear him thinking of me
While he toils at work

From So Very Far Away
He sits in the beat of the night
His heart searching for my smile
For the girl who makes everything right

From So Many Miles and Miles Away
I still look for your smile
Having already lived my day
I know what remains is just short while

Separated by land and sea
I know he is still there for me
My man in uniform
You need to come on home


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§ 5 Responses to 8 hours ahead…

  • David Jones says:

    Connection through love despite separation and long distance. Your poem really reflects that well. Nicely written.

    • I believe distance is so ambiguous when in relation to lovers. Two people sitting right next to each other can feel miles apart. Equally so two people sharing a phone conversation in different time zones with sea and land between them can feel the other’s presence ever so strongly. It’s the distance of longing that inspired this piece. Thanks for sharing your ideas with me.

  • irisoniris says:

    is the 8 hours the time zone difference or the travel time? haha. but seriously. i feel this exact same longing right now… except that i don’t know who he is yet. but i know he’s out there and feels this way.

    this poem has the makings of a classic. easy to read but expresses a longing that belongs to the ages…

    • You saying anything with my work and classic in the same sentence is so very powerful. Your opinion is highly valued and extremely appreciated. The eight hours is in reference to time zone difference. NY to Afghanistan. Thank you for leaving your thoughts and encouraging words.

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