Hole in His Heart

July 12, 2010 § 12 Comments

There is a hole in his heart
So he conquers land
Kills for traces of gold
takes native women for himself
yet the hole remains
So he uses the industrial revolution
To fill his pockets
Manipulating the work of others
To sustain his new lifestyle
But still his heart
Is left unfulfilled
So he invests in technology
Becomes interested in
Software, Real Estate, and Oil
So he burns down forests,
Dumps toxic waste into the oceans
Pumps toxins into the air
And while he fills his agenda
On ways to protect his empire
His hole has now replaced his heart.
Since his company makes him money
It doesn’t matter what happens to the earth
The same earth so many grandfathers before him
Lived in harmony with…
He is Heartless
And there is no saving this long blood line
Of heartless generations.
After all is destroyed
He will still want life
Desiring with the cavern in his chest
His world will die and
Like a sinkhole everyone will fall
Nothing being spared but the vacancy
That inspired a world
To spin off its axis.


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§ 12 Responses to Hole in His Heart

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