Slowly Cracking…

July 5, 2010 § 10 Comments

You’ve been down this road before
Yes it hurts
My mind is overwhelmed with loss and pain,
Panic and confusion.
Slow down before my breath looses itself
To the events unfolding.
I can feel you cracking
I wonder, can he can hear you too?
Oh heart of mine this is no easy task
It wasn’t the first time
And shall not be the last.
That’s it slow yourself down
You can only control what you can understand
And his decisions
Are out of your control


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§ 10 Responses to Slowly Cracking…

  • David Jones says:

    A situation that is out of control…I can feel and relate to the strong emotions in this poem.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • a broken heart is heart to mend but with each crack, holes from tearing pieces to give to other, holes filled with pieces torn and given to me, each bruise, my life is more fulfilled with wisdom and knowledge of the glories of life.

  • Though sorrows come and sorrows go,
    Somehow we yet endure
    Past love and life, impurity,
    Bring grace down all the more.

    Even through hardship and mental fatigue, keep those who love you as close as you can

    • Beautifully said ❤

      I have this tendency to lead with my heart which sets me up with the most exhilarated experiences and the most heart wrenching lows. And no matter who it is that rips me open, I can count on the consistent loves in my life to keep me sane.

  • slpmartin says:

    I love the way that your have the conversation with yourself in the poem…reflecting how you mind is working…well done.

  • Ashley says:

    This is one of my favorites of yours. Whether the reader has felt this way before or not, I think he or she would be able to understand the emotional conflict present here. I know I did. Thanks 🙂

  • lifeasahole says:

    Wow! What a great poem: “Oh heart of mine this is no easy task
    It wasn’t the first time / And shall not be the last”: amazing reality =) Great poem, you’re an amazing poet indeed. ~Spencer Hudson

    • I’m not nearly as great as you are Mr. Hudson! Heartbreak is a common occurrence for me as I tend to lead with my heart. As my mind stumbles and trips over itself, my heart dives right in knowing exactly what she wants every time.

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