No more vacancies…

July 26, 2010 § 22 Comments

There is a room in my heart
I have for you
Loneliness has since been evicted
And Happiness is your neighbor
I’ve moved you up
From the basement I kept you in
If keeping you in the coldest part of my heart
Meant still having you in my heart
Then I’ll love you from the warmest
You’ll have no problem finding it
It’s furnished with all our memories
and big enough to add some more
Just follow the mantra beating of your name
It’ll lead to you its center


To The Moon and Back

July 25, 2010 § 13 Comments

I will never stop
Wishing for you to love me
Into each of my tomorrows
My future should be laced
With nothing short of
All my heart’s desires
And you, My Astronaut
Are my biggest one

Perforated Sheet…

July 22, 2010 § 31 Comments

I feel like a perforated sheet
In a notebook of girlfriends you collect
Half ripped out
Half holding on
With scribbled dates
Anniversary pictures
A scrapbook collection of cards I gave you
All dangling to hold on
Our bright colors smudged and faded
And as you add another girlfriend
To your notebook of broken hearts
My edges become looser
As you flip over me
Changing your focus
Revisiting whatever memories
Of whomever feels right
Reliving and discarding our forever
I am left here
Blending into your past
Holding on to what was
On a page that is
Falling out of your heart

Doctorate in over thinking…

July 21, 2010 § 47 Comments

I’m excited to be participating in Poets Rally week 25

I have a Doctorate in over thinking
Years of being an introvert paired with social anxiety
I greet every turning of the hour with a turning in my bed
My mind ticks with time always moving forward
Always repeating the same numbers always in a different order
Please don’t ask me to explain
If you are not equipped with time and a seat
My clarifications are just as complicated as a DNA strand
Is to a monkey who communicates through sign language
A distant cousin of OCD my restless mind reincarnates thoughts
Ending one and quickly giving life to another
I think in circles with no start or end points
As if I was born within it and follow its shape
For ignorance of anything else
But what comes out of my mouth are all the traces of that circle
Spitting out three thoughts at once
Regressing the thousands more waiting to be thought
It’s like someone is always catching me in the middle of a joke
And I’m a horrible comedian
I wish my Doctorate to be fake
Having instead 8-10 hours of sleep
With no dreams, no greeting each hour
No destroying relationships or possible ones
Because I’ve planned out all of his thoughts, actions, and responses
No longer being concerned with what others are thinking of me
Even when I live my life to my own flute’s tune
No thinking how I will stop this wretched thinking
Instead I wish for a Doctorate in Mediation.

Parked Car…

July 20, 2010 § 6 Comments

Let me not waste one day
Not one Minute
With impossibilities and short comings
Not with you
Not while you sit here
With me
Breathing the same air as you
In this tightly enclosed car
Let me not waste one thought
On anything that would hinder this moment
The power of two Moon crossed lovers
Let me not waste even one more moment
Let the feelings of infatuation,
A revisiting Teenage Love,
My most powerful loves of all loves
Because you were my first love
Fill my fingers so that when I touch you
You feel what is within every pore of my body
That this feeling stronger than any existing love
This celestial gift
Pours out of me and into you
Let me fill you with it
And this Moment
Be kept in my heart
For all the occasions when you cease to be by my side
When I no longer have your eyes to remind me
Of how it is you feel about me
Let this moment carry into eternity
Written somewhere in the universe
To be kept sacred
Long after our discontinuance
So that the energy of us now
Never goes to the unforgotten

24 and beyond…

July 20, 2010 § 5 Comments

I could love you the same
If not more
Not only because loving you
Feels right
But because
You deserve it

I could promise you
More good than bad
And during the bad
I’ll talk first
Listen second
Argue thirdly
And when I forget the order
Please remind me

I could tell you my love for you will change
As we grow and change together
As a couple
But I can promise you
That it will never falter

I could disclose all the secrets of my enamored heart
But you have to tell me
You want me to love you first
Before the years of
Before our unconventional
Happily Ever After
Before we can discover
How powerful we are together
I need you to tell me
You need me to love you
Because I’ve loved you since I was 16
And I am ready to love you
Until the moon and back
From 24 and on

So my astronaut
I need to hear it from you
When you’re ready to say it
That you’re ready to have me love you

June Awards <3

July 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

I am excited to share with you awards that Jingle has bestowed up on me ❤

Runner Up Award
Jingle’s Runner Up Award

Spotlight Award
Jingle’s Spotlight Award

Spring Wishes Award
Jingle’s Spring Wishes Award

Thanks for the whole two of you that voted for me ❤

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