The Cycle Continues…

June 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

Pain. Anguish. Deceit. Lies. The never ending circle
When all you want to do is never what you get
Insecurities that build into fears
Fears that cause destruction and pain
Oh pain the pain that erupts from suppression
Suppressed anxieties. Suppressed questions of the uncertain
What is the deal anyway?
What does this all mean you live you love and you learn?
But the lessons we take are all from pain
And the pain that gets recycled
Perpetuates and doesn’t cease because it thrives on misery
I’m lost and I’ve never been in this place before
Questioning myself and his loyalty
His honesty and his words
How am I supposed to differentiate between
What he wants me to hear and what he is telling me
All I can hear are lectures from his pain body
My heart aches from unloyalty
Aches from tears rubbed into my palms
But how and why does it continue
How and why does it remain present
Go away misery leave me out of your grasp
And the tighter the hold the more I can’t find my breath
No reason to breathe just reason to never breathe
The pain that deepens and becomes you
The understanding of a lesson that is improperly instructed
How am I supposed to learn like this?
Is this pain self inflicted?
Where is my life going and how did I get to here?
Alone yet not too far
Crushed yet still together
Lost and blind saddened and betrayed
Blinded from the sadness of my heart
And refusing to clear it is my head
Hurt and wishing to remain hurt
The cycle continues
I’m hurt he’s hurt
What are we now…

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