The Broken Jar…

June 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

How do I breathe when you grasp my lungs so tightly? 
I expected to breathe more since my heart is gone
But breathing is even harder now.
A minute mistake pushed too far from its own
Reshaped repetitiveness and it seems my world of color
And flavor is now fading to grey and loosing its distinguished taste.
My heart doesn’t ache because the pieces are too small
And to fix it would be impossible.
I could no sooner sweep all the pieces up
Than to collect all the grains of sand in the desert.
Razor sharp they cut as I swim
In the misery of my shattered heart.
Your look has changed, your voice sharpened, and your touch foreign.
The man I love comes and goes and
I am beginning to feel more and more like a stranger than a lover.
Feed me the power of love.
The love that exists to challenge your fears and to risk it all.
Feed me the strength I need to believe
In the love you promised so long ago.
Let us not fill a broken jar
But refill a life with love of uncanny smiles and joyous eyes.
I need you to let go of your pain in order to release mine.
The heavier your hurt becomes, the deeper I sink into my loneliness.
Give us a chance a real chance.
Accept my love and truth.
Embrace it as you wish you could
And ignore what your insecurities tell you.
I see the wrongs of my actions,
I’ve experienced its consequences,
and now it’s time to move on or let go.
I rather move on taking what we have learned and
apply it to the life we were attempting to live.
I rather let go if you can’t move on and
hold the past as weight on your fragile heart.
Two broken hearted kids lost in what they thought love was.
Love is about fight and determination,
About overcoming and conquering the mishaps and wrong doings,
And love knows when it is time to put the empty jar down and
Stop waiting for the drops of life to come pouring out.
I am so protective of my love that
I refuse to even touch the dropped glass jar
to see if there is anything left in it.
I will hope and pray and do my best to put as much as I can into that jar,
before I test it,
before I have the courage to even touch it
because I know as soon as I lift it from the table,
I will know whether or not it will have anything in it.
And if it can no longer hold anything,
that is something I am not ready to find out… ❤ SoE


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