No longer your fool…

June 23, 2010 § 3 Comments

Fool was I to care so much

Unconditional is my love

But what is yours? 

Non Existent

Your wishes extend farther than you will allow yourself to bend

Jungle vines in a dark forest have crowded your mind

Full of spider webs where you hold things

That you will never let go

And because of that you will not let me enter your heart

For fear that I could damage you

Not seeing the joy I could bring you

Fool was I think that you would be the one

That I would enjoyingly spend my life with

The father of my kids that I desire so much

For who are you but a friend who has stabbed me in my heart

Right through my chest

With knowledge of what you are doing

Except you put the blame on me

And say my love is insignificant

For you only see what you want to see

And refuse to open your heart

Fool was I to imagine happiness with you

For the tears that have gushed out

Speak many more volumes than your words

Of pain and torture could escalate to

My body tired of the running I did to catch you

My heart tired of beating for your happiness

For your happiness no longer lies with me

But your disapproval and hidden hatred

Is what pushes me to the ground

Fool was I to think that you would be the one

The one to cure everything

The one to love me the way I’ve been longing for

No relationship is what I cried

Instead I became a game and a conquest

To dominate over the most desired

And the words you spoke have gotten lost

For the ones that seeped through from your heart

Are held in the spun silk created by your spider

This spider that rules over the jungle of your mind

This cold place of no mans lands is deserted

Fool was I to think

That you could ever love me

The way I have loved you

But smart I am to realize

That I mean more to myself

Than I will ever mean to you

And my love for myself

Will eventually make things better

Smart am I to now walk away

And leave your deception and hatefulness behind

And walk towards a better future

A future that I control

A future where I am no longer enslaved by your love

I am no longer YOUR fool


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