Euphoric Pleasure

June 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Everything about him can be summed up by two words: Euphoric  Pleasure. The combination of these words is a combination of the thinking from my heart and from my head. Two worlds that always clash and barely agree have compromised with Euphoric Pleasure. He cradles my heart and offers substance to my mind. He is the be all and end all of my hidden desires. My mind becomes silent and all that can be heard is the thumping of my heart against my chest. He needs only to walk close to me and my thoughts scatter. I feel alive when he does something as simple as grab my nose and share his smile with me. My body responds to his smell and I live for his touch. His lips have barely touched my body yet they are what my mind thinks about in the deepest of slumbers. As I stand with him, locked in his embrace, my heart searches for his heartbeat to match his rhythm. I want him in everything I do. I hold his arm for fear that I might never let go of his hand. How much euphoria can one person provide when he emits intimacy through his eyes? I am more than willing to discover its depths. He plays me like his favorite childhood song and he knows every note. He blows life into me and plays the tune of my happiness. There is a satisfaction after he leaves me and a growing anticipation until we are reunited. Nothing is ever rushed and I promise anyone who asks that time slows down and almost stands still when his time is fastened together with mine. I want to live in and around him. He causes me to climb cloud nine cloud ten until I reach the seventh plane of heaven. I dance in his joy whenever he is so gracious to shower me with his attention. I would love him if given the chance. I crave for his forehead kisses at night and his voice to summon my mind out of its restful state when the sun has kissed the sky. My heart spells out his name when I miss him. And how I miss him when he ceases to be by my side. This man, this totality of bliss and perfection I accept with all his faults and worries. This man is the very reason for my exhilaration. My Euphoric Pleasure.



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