Waves of Euphoria…

June 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

His lips gently crash into mine like waves kissing the earth under a cloudless night. With the beat of his heart I follow him. He controls me like the full moon controls the motions of the water. Unsure where the attraction is held but our lips seem inseparable once joined together. Waves of Euphoric Pleasure pass through my body only increasing the burning desire to feel his body pressed firmly against mine. His tongue parts my lips uniting with mine sending a tidal wave of emotions to come crashing into me. He’s got me in a strong current of pleasure and desire and I attempt to swim out of his grasp. He pulls me just below the surface and I no longer fight him. I’m drowning in his display of affection. Sinking further into the depths of a man who has captured my heart. With every wave my defense breaks down as his hands wander the floor of my ocean. He swims over my body with ease as if he has roamed my sandy beaches countless times before. It feels like a storm is brewing between us. Hands holding onto each other tightly dictated by the forcefulness of our kisses. Our bodies spin like waves searching for the shore as they come back from low tide. Lost at sea, I find myself being carried away further from the shores of certainty and deeper into his unknown supported only by the waves of Euphoria.


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