Late Night Thoughts…

June 17, 2010 § 3 Comments

I send whispers of my heart to the wind so that they can sneak into his sleep so we may share the same nighttime thoughts uniting me with him ❤

No matter what I try to convince my racing heart and cluttered mind, you provide me with the peace that carries me to sleep – I carry you in my heart ❤

When the light of the first star kisses my eyes it is you who I dedicate my wishes to, you who the moon ushers me to, and you who the constellations point me towards ❤

May your dreams be sweet and sleep be restful I ask that my angel visit  you so you can feel the serenity of heaven covering you and your night be as blessed as when thoughts of you carry me into my deepest of slumbers… ❤

You swarm my thoughts like the fireflies take over the transition of day to night, lighting up my fields with mini joys for me to indulge in ❤

I look to the moon and ask the stars that my prince be looked after and the smiles he has given me be the first thing I wear in the morning…goodnight charming ❤

Forever runs in intertwining circles of eights in loops of sideways in my heart ❤

Goodnight my king ❤ follow me into my dreams I’ll be waiting… ❤

My ears search for the rhythm of your heartbeat to set the pace of my own. Synced together my world comes to a standstill and at the center of it all I find my way towards you. ❤

Now I lay me down to sleep * I pray my heart his name does keep * And if I wake before it’s time * I pray in the morning that he’s still mine ❤

As the clock ticks towards its tocks, I want him wrapped around me so tight that I become melted in his embrace ❤

Just when I lose hope in things you show me the gloriousness that is you!! Let the moon light a path that leads me straight to you every night so you may never question the quest of my heart’s desire ❤

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