Relentless Me…

June 16, 2010 § 3 Comments

This is me

Only me

For you have stripped me naked

I stand before you

Head bowed

Cold from the pain you’ve given me

Hurt from the way you have treated my heart

Lost for the best friend I had

Has now become my enemy

Gashes in my skin are hard to miss

However what lies beyond anything visible

Is what causes me the most discomfort

My stubbornness and desire for love

Will not let me walk away

Yet my heart can not be put through such torture

You look at me unconcerned about my state

As if I am perfectly fine

And not standing in front of you

With the broken pieces of my heart

Scattered in the floor between me and you

It’s as if the pieces to you are invisible

You see my arms extended

As my tears form a veil over my face

Yet you do nothing to comfort me

Me the woman you claim to love

The woman you claim to want to marry

How puzzling you are

Your chains of love

Restrict me from picking up my heart

The pieces are so tiny

This broken heart can never be fully restored

It will have holes and scratches and bruises

That will never heal

Your love for me has vanished

And through your own stubbornness

And lack of love in your own life

You will not love me the way I need to be loved

To just be held through the bad

To be cared for and adored

Instead you have thrown me

Into this world of anguish

Where loneliness is my only friend

Where my tears are a constant reminder

Of what you have done to me

To my will to love

To my soul that once flourished to love you

And in this sulken state of unhappiness

I refuse to give up

Hoping to open your eyes to what

I am offering you

A love that all lovers crave

A heart that will turn your cold heart warm

Warm enough to give me the clothes I need

Clothes of love and passion that were once there

An embrace that spawns hate from the jealousy of onlookers

The love that I was promised that seems to be a lie

For even an illusion would have been better


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