Lost In Love…

June 10, 2010 § 8 Comments

I am lost in love. Lost in the idea that I wanted him to love me. Lost in the thought he would never be mine to love. I am lost in the memories of his kisses and what I hope is the actual recollection of his embrace. I look towards when the sun settles and ask my heart to do the same. Settle from the anxiety that I may have lost him forever. Settle from the quick and constant pain that the end I saw was a self created to where there was no end needed. As the darkness comes in to take watch over my heart I close my eyes and there he is. Taunting me by staying out of reach. Teasing me by never leaving. I close my eyes so that I may become lost instead of feeling the fear of him not being by my side. Wandering, with only the will to escape the pain, I become lost in love all over again. No matter in what direction I go no matter how straight my path may be my feet always find a way to him. I never got a chance to love him but I miss having him to love… ❤ SoE


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