What If…

June 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

So what if a kiss under a tree changed life as I knew it
Who better than to become one with you
Maybe we did meet at the right time
That the right time was the wrong time
And all the wrongs were turned into rights
That the wrongs in our lives
Were made right by each other
Why fight it why question it
Why break down my love
Just love me like you do in those moments forever
From the moment you kissed me
To the moment you called me yours
From the moment you ran and I fought for you to stay
Love Me Love Me for who I am not who you wish I was
Not who you would like me to be but love me completely
By entrusting your love with me
You gave me your heart but it still has your armor around it
No amount of warmth could unguard it
No amount of tenderness will unlock it
Just hold me like you did in the shower
Kiss me like you haven’t seen me in days
Desire not only my body
But my eyes in your eyes
My voice in your ears
And not by phone but in person
Everyday cherish me as I have cherished you
See in my eyes the power of this love
Because you walked into my life
Right as I was opening the door for change
Because you are who I was meant for to be right with
Because besides your insecurities your timidness
Your stubbornness to love me completely
Lies a man who gives me more than I need everyday
The man who I give myself to in totality
The man who will bear my kids
And may I scream that out and not be afraid anymore
Afraid that you will take that and run
Afraid that if I give you my dreams of us
Of me you of marriage and family
That truly you will shatter them
And break me into unfixable pieces
Adore me and adorn me on you
For I have everything to give you
That I have NEVER given to anyone else
Me…No Shades…No false images…No Pretending
Just me…a simple girl from Yonkers
A hopeless romantic longing to be loved completely
As I love you


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