I Stripped My Angel…

June 4, 2010 § 4 Comments

I wanted the world

And you gave it to me

But I wanted it my way

And that just couldn’t be

See I wanted it this way

And I wanted it that

And when you really started to love me

I couldn’t give it back

But you know how it is

You gotta loose what you have

And if you get back

You’d be lucky you had

For a love that survives trouble

And gets through the rain

Will survive everything

And that love will mend the pain

Well my love, he’s come back

And I love him more than ever

But he’s not the man I loved

I just should have been more clever

Because my angel came down

And sheltered me with his wings

And yes he wasn’t perfect

But he gave me other things

He gave me a love

That I couldn’t hold onto

He promised me a life

That just isn’t true

And it’s not true because of me

Because I let him go

And if that life could be

Well, I’ll never know

See I should have been smarter

And held onto him tighter

For a future with him

Nothing seems more brighter

But now it’s not me

That he sees down the road

And what I have to deal with

On my heart is a heavy load

I’ve created my hell

And I’m flooded by tears

And the worse part of it all

He controls all my fears

I took advantage of my angel

And now he’s stripped of his wings

I made him fell like he was nothing

Instead of praising him like a king

Now I hope that the saying is true

And that true love will be here to stay

But until then I’ll hold my breath

And pray he won’t go away

But I love him so much

And just he would know

There’s not another man ever

I could ever love so


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§ 4 Responses to I Stripped My Angel…

  • slpmartin says:

    This brings to mind the saying about forgiving and forgetting…they are two different things…the forgetting part is where the wings come off…not sure that they ever fully grow back…just a random thought brought on by your poem…thanks for sharing your work.

  • Atticus says:

    a beautiful poem that captures all essence of emotion in a relationship. i like your choice of words, the rhyme and above all, the seamless imagery.

    you have a great expressive talent, hope it continues to blossom : )

  • Sonu says:

    you know… i could soo connect to this poem! wonderfully written. shows how sometimes we could take the wrong step. brings a thought into my mind, about something in my life…and, wow! im glad i read it!

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