May 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

Tell me I should walk away. Tell me I’m silly for waking up and imagining that you’ll be there next to me. Tell me because once I open my eyes the sharp pain of reality will sink into my heart once more. I need you to tell me that this fall has ended, that you weren’t there to catch me, and the pain I feel is permanent. Give me whatever you want for letting go of your hand. Just tell me please I need you to tell me you’re not coming back, that my desires can no longer be fulfilled, and I’m foolish for hoping so. Tell me because I still have hope because I haven’t given up yet because even if things won’t be the same I still wish on the first star in that deep blue sky for your return. I’m walking away slowly and backwards staring at you walk away just in case you turn around. And if my heart’s wish be granted then I would waste no time and immediately go running back in your arms. I still need you. My heart still needs you… ❤ SoE


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