A cold night…

February 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m waiting for my legs to give out. It’s late and dark and I’m blaming my shaking on the cold of the night but the truth is he makes me tremble. He causes my sensors to tingle unfamiliar parts of my body. And yet here I am, tingling and shaking and unable to hold a conversation for fear my mouth will disclose the desires of my heart. His lips move towards my ear to whisper me a message that my liquid brain is unable to decipher because all I can think about is how close his lips are to my ear and how I wish they were closer so I could feel them upon mine…


His Haunting Kiss

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His kiss is haunting. Day and night it follows me. Up late at night with bloodshot eyes it creeps its way underneath my door always uninvited and very silently slithers its way into my bed and plants itself on the back of my eyelids. Dragging me into a mind running restless night. If only his kiss wasn’t so sweet – the natural drug my mind wanders to should it ever take a rest. At night the planted kiss crawls into my dreams and further teases me of the luxuries I can no longer afford. In my dreams I am always chasing this kiss. Gentle in its delivery this danger driven drug alludes me at every corner. Exhausted from my nightly run I wake up wearing his kisses all over me. Suffocated by its grasp I struggle to function. Throughout my day I see his shadow lingering in the dark corners of silence. On the breath of the nightly breeze his kiss re enters my room to haunt me to follow me to always be there and never leave me… ❤ SoE


February 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Darkness feels like eternity. Never quite knowing when my light at the end of the tunnel will come, I stand here defeated. Defeated by Life. Defeated by Love. Defeated by My failed expectations. This darkness is not only blinding but deafening. Confusion builds and creates panic. Doomed to repeat unseen paths, this thick blanket of blackness has separated hope from my heart. My days are no different from my minutes. This eternity of uncertainty is all I am assured of. The loss of hope emaciates my soul. Withered and Weakened all I’m left to question is my existence. I can feel the Grim Reaper’s breath on my cheek…waiting…for my most vulnerable moment to whisk me away to his eternity.  I can feel the underlings of hell pulling at my clothes. Putting in their claims, waiting with anticipation for the full destruction of my will to ever find the light. Just as I hold out my hand to give to this angel of death, it was an unfamiliar sound that made me turn. Now blinded by an ever-growing light, My God appeared in the shape of an angel who healed my sores, removed my scars and replaced my heart with hope. Screams of the underworld were ignored as I followed him to love, to life, to the reason of my existence… ❤ SoE

Be My Last…

February 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

Allow me to enter sleep with the sweet smell of you. Being only but one breath away, let the gentle caress of my sheets be replaced by the delicate touch of your fingertips. May the midnight breeze from my window be replaced by your tired breath. Just let the sounds of my wishing heart be replaced with your loving words. Agree to be my last of the day – My last kiss, My last sound, My last sight, My last memory…only to be replaced by my first for everything when I awake. Follow me into my dreams, send me to sleep resting in your embrace. Guide me so that even when I dream I may not know what it is to be without you.

❤ SoE

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