My Moon Prayer

January 30, 2010 § 5 Comments

Glorious Moon, King of the Stars,
Protector of the Night, Warder of Evil,
Listen to my plea.

Control my swaying heart
Like you control the waves of the ocean.
Guide my heart towards one firm direction.
Wash my love on the proper shore of
He who is most deserving. 

With your light illuminate my blind eyes
So that I may recognize this chosen man.
Far beyond my knowledge of
Foolish love’s trials and tribulations,
Pull and push me with the knowledge
Of the heavens and lover’s wishes.

Provide clarity such as this night and
Point the way with all your subjects
Just as you navigate captains whose daylight confuses them.
My heart wavers, nervous and anxious of the break in the shore.

Calm me
Guide me
Cover me with your gentle light
Usher my eyes to behold the embrace of a man
Who the heavens have chosen for me.

❤ SoE

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§ 5 Responses to My Moon Prayer

  • Deborah says:

    I bookmarked ya hooch…I expect big things ❤ xoxo

  • wow, my own about the moon doesn’t even compare to this. this is more meaningful and more deep. I thank you for the kind words but you definitely are the better poet (Though I don’t believe in rating artists, I believe they all have their own unique way of expressing themselves, which makes them artists).

  • This is so beautiful. Ever since I was little, I always prayed for the perfect guy to come along b/c I knew I just wouldn’t be happy with anyone around me. Whether by will or destiny, we found each other :3 You can, too!

    I connect so easily with your poems, it’s like you’ve been inside my head and pulled out just the right words!

    • I really believe in the power of suggestion which is why I have changed my thinking and filled it with endless possibilities, love being one of the biggest. Oh thank you for feeling so closely connected with my works. This by far is my favorite poem. It was the first one that I wrote not because of pain but because of hope. Because I wanted something better for myself and who better to ask but the celestial sky that surrounds me. The moon, she is my second love, my first being God : ). Thank you for leaving traces of your thoughts throughout my blog ❤

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